As a member, you have lifetime access to the following:

  • The 13-part video series with step-by-step directions on how to implement the Inner Child Model and manage your addictive behaviors
  • Numerous Inner Child Model materials including:
    • The New Guy Roadmap
    • Core Emotional Triggers List
    • 5-Steps to Managing Emotional Triggers Chart
    • Desk-top Reference of the 12 Inner Children
    • The Commitment to Integrity Guide
    • Mindfulness Techniques
    • What I Feel vs. What is Real Worksheet
    • And more
  • A 30-minute session with Dr. Capparucci
  • Access to the Going Deeper online community

Now the Best Part. It is Affordable.

Most online sex and porn recovery programs cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000. We have made the ICM Online Treatment Program affordable in order to assist as many individuals as possible who are seeking answers to this destructive and shameful disorder and cannot afford ongoing counseling. 

Entire Program Costs $475


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