Welcome to the Inner Child Model Recovery Process

The road to recovery from sex/porn addiction goes through your childhood. It is your unresolved child pain points that still haunt you today and your inability to sit with emotional distress that has led to your addictive behaviors.

But now you are about to learn how to manage your addiction by discovering the fears and worries that your Inner Child subconsciously deals with every day - you just are not aware of them.

The Inner Child Model for treating sex/porn addiction has been helping hundreds of men throughout the world manage their addiction, while developing more confidence in becoming the man God designed them to be. We are emotionally undeveloped and struggle not only with our addictive behaviors but our ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.

This interactive treatment approach will empower you by helping you understand "why" you engage in addictive behaviors and show your the techniques required to manage your Inner Child's emotional pain. This knowledge will allow you to stay one step ahead of your addiction by being alert to the core emotional triggers that activate your Inner Child.

And here is an added bonus. The Inner Child Model not only will provide you with hope to end the frustration of repeated failures to manage your addiction, but it also will provide your spouse/partner with the answer to the question “why did you do this to me?”

Benefits of the Inner Child Model

Empowers You

The program empowers you by teaching how to stay one step ahead of your addiction. By identifying emotional triggers that activate the Inner Child and drive you to engage in sex/porn to soothe, you will have the insights needed to be in control. Instead of your Inner Child hijacking you into addictive behaviors, you will have the newfound capability to make healthy decisions.

Reduces Your Compulsive Behaviors

To stop compulsive actions, it’s necessary to understand what leads to the compulsiveness in the first place. The Inner Child Recovery Process shows you the emotional drivers that lead to your need to seek soothing. With this powerful knowledge, you will actively be able to slow down your compulsive behaviors. You also will learn how to apply “speed bumps” into the addictive cycle to help you make more rational and healthy decisions.

Strengthens Your Emotional IQ

A vast majority of individuals who deal with a sex/porn addiction also have a difficult time emotionally connecting with others. Therefore, an essential component in the Inner Child Recovery Process program is assisting you in strengthening your emotional IQ. This includes helping you to identify emotions beyond anger, sadness, fear, or happiness. It also will provide instruction on how to be vulnerable and express your true feelings while demonstrating how to engage with others on an emotional level properly.

Reduces Your Anxiety

A key component of the Inner Child Recovery Process program is breaking free of the anxiousness that comes with addictive behaviors. Removing your need to lie and hide what you’re doing will be a great relief and enrich your life and relationships in many ways.

Improves Your Mindfulness

A critical aspect of the Inner Child Recovery Process will be teaching you the art and benefits of being mindful. Becoming aware of how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually is a must in helping to stay one step ahead of the addiction. But more importantly, being mindful will allow you to live life to the fullest and appreciate many things you have taken for granted or simply overlooked.

Creates a Positive Legacy

When the last chapter of life closes, how will you be remembered? It's a question most individuals stuck in addiction fail to ask themselves. But as life draws to a close, it is something most people ponder – and worry about. The Inner Child Recovery Process is about much more than ridding yourself of addiction. It's about being the New Guy. The guy who focuses on the needs and desires of others; who is not merely present with others but engaged; who lives life to the fullest; and who understands the benefits of emotionally connecting with others.

These are not excuses

While the Inner Child plays a major role in your sex/porn addiction, it is important to understand, the Kid is not an excuse for your poor behavioral choices. It is critical that you OWN your actions and the pain you have caused yourself and those you love. The Inner Child is simply the middleman in the addictive process, and we are going to remove him from the equation therefore allowing you to run the show.

Program Overview: 13-week Video Program

The Inner Child Model Online Video Course a self-pace program. You are strongly encouraged to purchase the book Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction and the Going Deeper Workbook (both are available exclusively on Amazon) as you walk through this video series. Do not rush to complete the program. You are seeking self-reflection and attempting to understand why sex has a stronghold on you, along with discovering why you think, feel, and behave the way you do. This takes time and reflection. Share what you are learning with a close friend and your partner to see if they can provide you with additional ideas. If you work with a therapist, bring your insights to your counseling or coaching sessions.

Video One

Introduction to ICM and Overall Transformation

Video Two

How the Inner Child is Activated

Video Three

Introduction to the 12 Kids

Video Four

Bored Child, Unaffirmed Child, and Unnoticed Child In-depth Overviews

Video Five

Emotionally Voided Child, Need for Control Child, and Entitled Child In-depth Overviews

Video Six

Inferior-Weak Child, Sexually Abused Child, and Stressed Child In-Depth Overviews

Video Seven

Emeshed Child, Spiritually Wounded Child, and Unwanted Child In-Depth Overviews

Video Eight

The Importance of Avoiding Being Drained

Video Nine

Improving Your Low Emotional IQ

Video Ten

Developing Mindfulness (Becoming Outwardly Focused)

Video Eleven

The Five Steps of the Inner Child Model

Video Twelve

Putting It All Together

Video Thirteen

Helping Your Betrayed Spouse Heal

The Inner Child Model Online Treatment Program provides the equivalent of 13 weeks of therapy costing $200 per session. However, this online program is priced at just $475. We made it affordable because we believe everyone who needs help should have access to this effective treatment model.